Finding the right photographer for your startup is a lot like finding the right hairstylist or barber. There are cheap ones, expensive ones, lousy ones — and great ones. If you need photographer for assignment, photo exhibition or speaker this page is for you.


Making exceptional editorial photographs in different environments requires more than just creative vision and an knowledge of cameras. When you hire Marcin, you get more than a photographer. You get someone who knows how to work with people, wild animals; who is just as comfortable in a climbing harness or in the RIB. You get someone who isn’t afraid to take the door off an airplane to get the shot or go underwater with camera.

In addition to his editorial work, Marcin Dobas is also available for commercial assignments. If your campaign involves any wildlife, outdoor, travel or underwater pictures, Marcin will deliver the results you want.


“Backstage of National Geographic photographer’s work”

Go on assignment with a award–winning photographer, listen stories that accompanied the creation of images during hist travel. Marcin shares some of his most unforgettable experiences while photographing on assignment for magazines. Marcin’s availability for talks is limited and booking is best done well in advance. Rates are based on event type, audience size, travel distance, and other relevant factors.


Marcin’s exhibition is available for rent. It targets communities, tourist resorts or companies wishing to show the hidden beauties of this French region. The loan of the exhibition is subject to a lease negotiated between the parties, which may vary depending on the size of the event, location and duration. Photographers may be present for an opening or a presentation. Contact us for the rental terms and availability of the exhibition.