About Marcin

Marcin Dobas is a photographer contributing for National Geographic Poland and a member of the international Olympus Visionaries team and EIZO Ambassador Program. He specializes in wildlife, wilderness landscapes, and underwater photography. He has a degree in Geology and works as a mountain rescuer and tour leader. Pictures taken during his travels are regularly published around the world in magazines, books, and calendars. Many of them won awards in prestigious, international photography contests. Marcin spent lot of time in distant places such as Svalbard, New Zealand, Norway, Thailand, Nepal, Malaysia, Sweden, Finland, Morocco, and Egypt, concentrating on photographing their wildlife. He runs photography workshops in Poland, Iceland, Nepal, India, Svalbard, and Greenland.

In 2015, National Geographic Poland published his book titled “Photo Expeditions – nine stories about Photography”

About gear

What I have in my bag ? – this is very often question. First we have to remember that camera is only “tool”. Same tool like pencil or brush. Of course it is much easier if you have good quality tools, but there is no point spending too much time talking about in brushes or pencils…
In my opinion in travel photography the most important thing is confidence in the equipment you are working. You can not live in constant fear that if you take out the camera in the rain or that if you will photograph in the desert – camera stops working.

On the surface
Often I photograph in difficult conditions.  On the glaciers, in tropics or on the desert. I am require from the Equipment that will be reliable and resistant to dust, frost or bad weather conditions. In my opinion camera for travel photographer must be light and mobile. At that moment I am using only mirrorless cameras. After 10 years after 10 years I abandoned Singe Lens Reflex cameras. Now I am using Olympus OM-D. I always carry more than one camera body, lot of lenses, lot of batteries and lot of photographic stuff. It makes for a lot of extra baggage, but better that than a missed opportunity. When traveling by air, I take the minimum.

Under water
I am using Olympus OM-D E with underwater housing and two strobes UFL-3. My favourite lenses are M.Zuiko Digital 8mm f/1.8 PRO and M.Zuiko Digital 60mm f/2.8 macro with 1:1 reproduction ratio.

Most important
Doesn’t matter what camera I am using I always have with me stable tripod and very good lens. Even most expensive and best cameras are worthless if your picture will be blurry or unsharp. Even best photo gear is useless without good photographer.

About partners

I am very grateful to those companies that help me in my work during my assignments, travels and expeditions where I had the opportunity to spend great time behind the lens. Also companies thanks to them I can work on photographs after returning home

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I am on assignment a large part of my time and therefore it is very difficult to answer all comments and emails. So please be patient. I will answer as soon as possible.

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